Join us online for 6 days of action-packed metaphysical classes to awaken your spiritual heart and help it to soar. 2021 is your year to return to the truth of who you truly ARE and to reawaken the love, peace, and wisdom within.  During this conference, you’ll discover an enticing array of topics to spark your interest and expand your knowledge.

Midwest Metaphysics Conference
Beginnings, Transformations, Resurrections

Offerings include:

  • The Andean Medicine Wheel
  • Leylines, Vortices, and the Earth’s Chakra System
  • The Emerald Tablets: The Truths and the Legends
  • Mastering the Court Cards: The Keys to Human Potential
  • Small Altars for Big Change
  • Astrology & Your Life Purpose
  • Apports- Gifts From Spirit
  • Alchemy of the Seed
  • Druidry and the Sacred Wheel of the Year
  • Druidry and the Spirits of the Circle
  • Moon Magic
  • Accessing and Improving your Akashic Records
  • The Metaphysical Pagan: Understanding How Nature Based Religions Planted the Seed
  • Mystery of the Qabalah
  • Alchemy of Manifestation
  • Meeting Isis in her Philae Temple: How the Goddess Appears to Those in Need
  • The Sacred Feminine: Calling on the Goddess to Change Your Life
  • Christ Consciousness

    All sessions held online via Zoom


Have you ever wondered “Why am I here?” meaning on this planet, in this skin, and living this life? Or wondered “What is the invisible nature behind everything?” Metaphysics literally is the study and philosophy that answers those questions and which points to a reality beyond this physical plane.

A metaphysician works with those inquiries, investigating hidden (occult) meanings through such tools as astrology, numerology, tarot, palmistry. Through metaphysics you can explore the Western Mystery tradition and the Eastern Mystery tradition. Want to learn Hermetic, Alchemical, and Kabbalistic systems of thought? And there is more!

At Chesterfield Spiritualist College, 30 classes are offered in 3 levels of metaphysical education and development that help you attain a comfortable level of familiarity with the metaphysical world. Before long, you will be setting up altars, working with angels and co=creating your life with the God Source. Metaphysical teachers are available to assist with practical matters, techniques, and hands-on work. Find out more about Chesterfield Spiritualist College’s upcoming metaphysical classes HERE.